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Deep beneath a vast metropolis, a monster has had an awakening. Unlike the other mindless creatures infesting the dark depths, he has a name. He is Nakawak. And he yearns for freedom from this place. But first he will have to destroy the three Great Beasts and break the magical Seal.

Explore! Power Up! Escape!

Over 20 enemies inhabit these dark spaces.

Do battle with three massive bosses, each more challenging than the last.

Four powerful abilities!

Heaps of powerups!

Five interconnected worlds

Nakawak is the Metroidvania for
all classic Metroid fans!!!


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Nakawak Grayscale Edition.rar 55 MB
Nakawak Widescreen Version.zip 91 MB
Nakawak Expanded Color Edition.zip 86 MB

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Hi, does the Steam version of the game contain seperate editions for Color and Grayscale modes? Thanks

Sorry, the grayscale version is only available here on itch.io

Thanks for the interest! :)

Then I did good that I bought the game from here because I wanted the grayscale version so badly :)

Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy the game(s)!
There are three versions ( I think ) here on itch.io. 

-Widescreen Color
-Widescreen Grayscale
-Grayscale (sqaure window)

The square screen is much harder and less fair due to the tighter view, but I liked it that way because I'm a huge GameBoy fan. I can understand why people wanted the wider screen, though.


i'm playing through the color version and this is an excellent game so far!

the controls are tight and the world design is challenging, engaging and even a bit mysterious. i like the atmosphere of the game and the colors do a great job of setting the tone.

i haven't beaten it yet, but from what i've played so far, i love it.

Thanks for playing! Can't wait for more of your games!


My very first speed run! This time, Nakawak, the color version. Love this game.


Cool videos, dude! They're super helpful from a design perspective and highly entertaining. It's fun seeing someone enjoy the game even through its shortcomings.


Sweet! Can't wait to see more of these. There's a widescreen and color version as well. :)

Am I able to change the format with my save progress in tact?

Sadly, no, as they are separate files.


And part 2 of my lets play, in which Kurt Russell is discussed at length.


WASD : Movement

J : Fire Projectiles
K: Missiles
I : Alt Fire Button
L : Jump

H : Start Button 

Esc : Quit Game